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Lant cu pandantiv fetita si baiat cu pietricele albastre

Lant cu pandantiv fetita si baiat cu pietricele albastre

Lantisoare cu pandantiv
704.70 Lei

Category              Gold wedding rings

Color                     Yellow

Material                14 k Gold / 18 k Gold

Weight                  10-12 g

Width                    6 mm

Stone                    Zirconia/Diamond

Delivery                3-4 Weeks


The wedding rings are custom made and can be customized according to your requirements. You have the possibility to choose a combination of colours or you can choose only one colour (Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold). You also have the possibility to choose the type of gold (14 K Gold or 18 K Gold). If possible, another width can be chosen. And last but not least, you can choose between semiprecious stones and diamonds.

The price displayed is for a pair of wedding rings made of 14 k Gold, with semiprecious stones.

Important ! Feel free to fill out the offer request form and we will reply as soon as possible the price for the desired pair of wedding rings.

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